kammottava englanniksi   abysmal, morbid, dreaded, horrible


*: Geology gives one the same abysmal extent of time that astronomy does of space. defdate|First attested in the early 19th century.R:SOED5|page=11

*: Heres a carcase. I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, Ill go to it laughing. Such a waggish leering as lurks in all your horribles!

*: A lot of the possible horribles conjured up by the people objecting to this convention ignore the plain language of this treaty.

*: The pot had previously simmered skate wings, cods heads, whales, pigs hearts and a long litany of other horribles.

*: Im trying to convince him that the criminal behavior thats going on at the White House has to end. And I give him one horrible after the next. I just keep raising them. He sort of swats them away.

*: Many scholars have demonstrated these horribles and contemplated significant limitations on class actions.

*: Such a scandal as the prosecution of a brother for forgery—with a verdict of guilty—is a most truly horrible, deplorable, fatal thing. It takes the respectability out of a family perhaps at a critical moment, when the family is just assuming the robes of respectability:...it is a black spot which all the soaps ever advertised could never wash off.

*: Having now absorbed all or parts of 750 responses to my complaints about Transformers, I suppose I shouldnt be surprised that most of those writing agree with me that it is a horrible movie.

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