puukenkä englanniksi   clog, sabot


: Dutch people rarely wear clogs these days.

: The plumber cleared the clog from the drain.

*: Withnail: I let him in this morning. He lost one of his clogs.

*: As a dog ... by chance breaks loose, / And quits his clog.

*: A clog of lead was round my feet.

*: All the ancient, honest, juridical principles and institutions of England are so many clogs to check and retard the headlong course of violence and oppression.

: Hair is clogging the drainpipe.

: The roads are clogged up with traffic.

*: The wings of winds were clogged with ice and snow.

*: The commodities are clogged with impositions.

*: Youll rue the time / That clogs me with this answer.

*: ux|en|She was a tiny little woman and wore big sabots and a big scoop.

suositut haut
hybridi positroni metriikka kyynärnivel [[antaa]] [[hengähtää]] kyylä