delicate, sensitive


: Those clothes are made from delicate lace.

: The negotiations were very delicate.

*: There are some things too delicate and too sacred to be handled rudely without injury to truth.

: Her face was delicate.

: The spider wove a delicate web.

: There was a delicate pattern of frost on the window.

: Set the washing machine to the delicate cycle.

: delicate behaviour; delicate attentions; delicate thoughtfulness

: a delicate child; delicate health

*: a delicate and tender prince

: Please dont speak so loudly: Im feeling a bit delicate this morning.

*: Þenk þat diues for hus delicat lyf to þe deuel wente.

*: Haerlem is a very delicate town and hath one of the fairest churches of the Gothic design I had ever seen.

: a delicate dish; delicate flavour

*: [[w:Michael Cassio|Cassio]]:   She’s a most exquisite lady.…Indeed, she’s a most fresh and delicate creature.

: a delicate shade of blue

: a delicate taste; a delicate ear for music

: a delicate thermometer

: Dont put that in with your jeans: its a delicate!

: With abstinence all delicates he sees. — Dryden.

: All the vessels, then, which our delicates have, — those I mean that would seem to be more fine in their houses than their neighbours, — are only of the Corinth metal. — Holland.

*: The sensitive faculty most part overrules reason, the soul is carried hoodwinked, and the understanding captive like a beast.

: Max is very sensitive; he cried today because of the bad news.

: Religion is often a sensitive topic of discussion and should be avoided when dealing with foreign business associates.

*: Swedenborg was one of the leading savants of Europe; it would be absurd to place any of our sensitives on the same intellectual level.[[Category:en:Emotions]]----

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