glitch, wrinkle, bug


: They are still trying to work out all the glitches.

: Performing this glitch gives you extra lives.

: My computer keeps glitching; every couple of hours it just reboots without warning.

: His character will glitch into the wall and out of the level.

: Spending time out in the sun may cause you to develop wrinkles sooner.

: Three months later, were still discovering new wrinkles.

: to have a new wrinkle

: Be careful not to wrinkle your dress before we arrive.

*: her wrinkled form in black and white arrayed

: An hour in the tub will cause your fingers to wrinkle.

: The skin is the substance that wrinkles, shows age, stretches, scars and cuts.

: rfquotek|Marston

: These flies are a bother. I’ll get some bug spray and kill them.

: The software bug led the computer to calculate 2 plus 2 as 5.

: He’s got the flu bug.

: I think he’s a gold bug, he has over 10,000 ounces in storage.

: to catch the skiing bug

: We installed a bug in her telephone.

: He suspected the image was a web bug used for determining who was visiting the site.

: Channel 4s bug distracted Jim from his favorite show.

*: At this point your telegraph operator, sitting at your right, goes "Ticky-tick-tickety-de-tick-tick," with his bug, as he calls his transmitter, and looks at you expectantly.

*: As far as the dashes are concerned, the bug is the same in operation as any regular key would be if it were turned up on edge instead of sitting flat on the desk.

*: I was a very good radio operator. I bought my own bug. Thats what the telegraph key in its modern form was called. It was semiautomatic.

*: Sir, spare your threats: / The bug which you would fright me with I seek.

: Don’t bug me, I’m busy!

: We need to know what’s going on. We’ll bug his house.

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