straddle, fork, bracket


*: As they approached the entrance of the port, the giant straddled clear across it, with a foot firmly planted on each headland,

*: The mountain-ringed Yukon Flats basin straddles the Arctic Circle and is bisected by the Yukon River.

: rfquotek|Bishop Joseph Butler

*: a thunderbolt with three forks.

: A road, a tree, or a stream forks.

*: forking the sheaves on the high-laden cart

*: The corn beginneth to fork.

: tax bracket, age bracket

: I tried to hit the bullseye by first bracketing it with two shots and then splitting the difference with my third, but I missed.

: Because the didnt have enough young boys for two full teams, they bracketed the seven-year olds with the eight-year olds.

*: SIL got access to academic legitimacy; linguists bracketed the evangelical engine that drives SIL because they got access to data and tools.

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