: The team lost, but they showed a lot of heart.

*: "We provided a lot of brains and a lot of heart to the response when it was needed," says Sandra Sanchez, director of AFSCs Immigrants Voice Program in Des Moines.

: a good, tender, loving, bad, hard, or selfish heart

*: Eve, recovering heart, replied.

*: The expelled nations take heart, and when they fly from one country invade another.

*: That the spent earth may gather heart again.

*: I speak to thee, my heart.

*: "Aw. Thank you." The Cherub kissed the air between them and sent a small cluster of tiny red hearts at her.

: The wood at the heart of a tree is the oldest.

: Buddhists believe that suffering is right at the heart of all life.

*: At last she spoke in a low voice, hesitating slightly, nevertheless going with incisive directness into the very heart of the problem.

*: I heart to pray their bones may rest in peace

*: Were but the sum of all our terrors until we heart the dove.

*: I guess at this point we were supposed to feel elated shed come to her senses and decided she hearts dogs after all.

*: The further we delve into this "story", the more convinced we become of one thing: We heart the Goss.

*: My cause is hearted; thine hath no less reason.

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