climax, apex


*: A figure which... by his [[Greek]]e and [[Latin]]e originals... may be called the marching figure... it may [[as well|aswell]] be called the [[climbing|clyming]] figure, for Clymax is as much to say as a ladder.

*: ...Expressions for the whole Climax of sensibility...

*: In the accomplishment of this, they frequently reach the climax of absurdity.

*: When he adds epithets of praise, his climax is ‘so English’. anchor|ecosystem

*: The succession of associations leading to a climax represents the process of adjustment to the conditions of stress, and the climax represents a condition of relative equilibrium. Climax associations... are the resultants of certain climatic, geological... conditions.

*: In many cases the mans climax comes so swiftly that the womans reactions are not nearly ready.

: the apex of the building

: the apex of civilization

*: It would be an intense disgust. The absolute apex of teen angst.

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