jump, leap, bound, vault


: The boy jumped over a fence.

: Kangaroos are known for their ability to jump high.

*: Not the worst of the three but jumps twelve foot and a half by the square.

: She is going to jump from the diving board.

: to jump a stream

: The sudden sharp sound made me jump.

: The players knight jumped the opponents bishop.

: I hate it when people jump the queue.

: The hoodlum jumped a woman in the alley.

: The hoodlum jumped a woman in the alley.

: The rider jumped the horse over the fence.

*: to jump a body with a dangerous physic

*: It jumps with my humour.

*: To advance by jumps.

*: Our fortune lies / Upon this jump.

: The boy took a skip and a jump down the lane.

: There were a couple of jumps from the bridge.

: She was terrified before the jump, but was thrilled to be skydiving.

: the knights jump in chess

: Press jump to start.

: Heartless managed the scale the first jump but fell over the second.

: He got a jump on the day because he had laid out everything the night before.

: Their research department gave them the jump on the competition.

*: Thus twice before, and jump at this dead hour,

*: With martial stalk hath he gone by our watch.

*: jump names

*: It is grete nede a man to go bak to recouer the better his leep

*: I, I defie thee: wert not thou next him when he leapt into the Riuer?

*: Th’ infernal monarch rear’d his horrid head, Leapt from his throne, lest Neptune’s arm should lay His dark dominions open to the day.

*: It is better to leap into the void.

: to leap a wall or a ditch

: to leap a horse across a ditch

*: Wickedness comes on by degrees, ... and sudden leaps from one extreme to another are unnatural.

*: Changes of tone may proceed either by leaps or glides.

*: Thats one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.

: rfquotek|Wyclif

: I bound the [[splint]] to my leg.

: I had bound the splint with [[duct tape]].

: ux|en|You are not legally bound to reply.

: ux|en|They were bound to come into conflict eventually.

: I reached the northern bound of my property, took a deep breath and walked on.

: Somewhere within these bounds you may find a buried treasure.

: France, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra bound Spain.

: Kansas is bounded by Nebraska on the north, Missouri on the east, Oklahoma on the south and Colorado on the west.

: The deer crossed the stream in a single bound.

: the bound of a ball

: rfquotek|Johnson

: The rabbit bounded down the lane.

: to bound a horse

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: a rubber ball bounds on the floor

: to bound a ball on the floor

: Which way are you bound?

: Is that message bound for me?

*: the long-drawn aisle and fretted vault

*: that heavens vault should crack

: The bank kept their money safe in a large vault.

: Family members had been buried in the vault for centuries.

*: the silent vaults of death

*: to banish rats that haunt our vault

*: The shady arch that vaulted the broad green alley.

: The fugitive vaulted over the fence to escape.

suositut haut
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