draught, blast


*: A general custom of using oxen for all sort of draught would be, perhaps, the greatest improvement.

*: She sent an arrow forth with mighty draught.

*: He laid down his pipe, and cast his net, which brought him a very great draught.

*: The Hertfordshire wheel plough ... is of the easiest draught.

: rfquotek|Dryden

*: A draught of a Toleration Act was offered to the Parliament by a private member.

*: No picture or draught of these things from the report of the eye.

*: He preferred to go and sit upon the stairs, in ... a strong draught of air, until he was again sent for.

: She took a deep draught from the bottle of water.

*: “Drink and pass!” he cried, handing the heavy charged flagon to the nearest seaman. “The crew alone now drink. Round with it, round! Short draughts—long swallows, men; ’tis hot as Satan’s hoof.

*: he sayde vnto Simon: Cary vs into the depe, and lett slippe thy nett to make a draught.

*: Upon the draught of a pond, not one fish was left.

*: Finally I gave him a draught, and he sank into uneasy slumber.

: to apply draughts to the feet

*: Then sayde Jesus: are ye yett withoute understondinge? perceave ye not, that whatsoever goeth in at the mouth, descendeth doune into the bely, and ys cast out into the draught?

*: Rid me these Villaines from your companies; / Hang them, or stab them, drowne them in a draught, / Confound them by some course, and come to me, / Ile giue you Gold enough.

*: And therefore, for the whole process, and full representation, there must be more than one draught; the one representing him in station, the other in session, another in genuflexion.

*: drawing sudden draughts upon the enemy when he looketh not for you

*: And see where surly Winter passes off, / Far to the north, and calls his ruffian blasts; / His blasts obey, and quit the howling hill.

*: Blast was produced by bellows worked by four blowers, three of whom worked at a time while the fourth stood ready to replace one of the others.

*: Large blasts are often used.

*: One blast upon his bugle horn / Were worth a thousand men.

*: the blast of triumph oer thy grave

*: Then the captain sung out "Stand away!" and the cannon let off such a blast right before me that it made me deef with the noise and pretty near blind with the smoke, and I judged I was gone.

*: By the blast of God they perish.

*: virtue preserved from fell destructions blast

: We had a blast at the party last night.

: an e-mail blast; a fax blast

*: Trumpeters, / With brazen din blast you the citys ear.

: Blast right through it.

: Blast it! Foiled again.

: Chewbacca blasted the Stormtroopers with his laser rifle.

: My manager suddenly blasted me yesterday for being a little late to work for five days in a row, because I was never getting myself up on time.

: A cold wind blasted the rose plants.

: The bud blasted in the blossom.

*: Toke his blake trumpe faste / And gan to puffen and to blaste.

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