*: And fraught with antics as the Indian bird / That writhes and chatters in her wiry cage.

*: I saw the barren horror of your peoples leisure with the million entertained by the antics of a tiny few...

*: Pintsize: Wait, don’t you want to know why I’m tied up and hanging from the ceiling? / Faye: Not really. Nighty night! / Pintsize: Shit! My wacky antics have jumped the shark!

*: Gentle lords, lets part; / You see we have burnt our cheeks: strong Enobarb / Is weaker than the wine; and mine own tongue / Splits what it speaks: the wild disguise hath almost / Antickd us all.

*: She unfastened her dress, her arms arched thin and high, her shadow anticking her movements.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

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