alcoholic, drunkard, lush, boozer, lightweight


*: Dont you know youve got your daddys eyes

*: Daddy was an alcoholic

: He ordered an alcoholic beverage.

: The oysters were sour, and excessively alcoholic.

*: Some of the world’s best rain forest and volcanic hiking can be found within the lush canopied Caribbean trail systems. Chock-full of waterfalls and hot springs, bright-colored birds and howling monkeys, flora-lined trails cut through thick, fragrant forests and up cloud-covered mountains.

: That meal was lush! We have to go that restaurant again sometime!

: Boys with long hair are lush!

: Your voice is lush, Lucy! I could listen to it all day!

: rfquotek|C. Lever

*: “Tess is a fine figure o? fun, as I said to myself today when I zeed her vamping round parish with the rest,” observed one of the elderly boozers in an undertone.

*: But they have only one insurance rate for ordinary men — drinkers and non-drinkers, and they compel the man who doesn?t booze to make up for the extra amount that the boozer should pay.

*: Every swig made me more relaxed, and happy, and I was definitely a boozer again, and I wondered why I had ever thought I wasnt a boozer and I took another pull and I was going to clap BC on the back and thank him for being such a good hotel manager, and faithful guide, for being my friend, and then I passed out.

*: Mr. Mututho: Mr. Speaker, Sir, the Assistant Minister should assure the people of Vihiga that they will get a water boozer because the sick people are not party to this complication. Could he assure the people that he can send a boozer in his capacity even if he cannot supply power or a standby generator, so that they can have a small well?

: Drunk with power he immediately ordered a management reshuffle.

*: drunk with recent prosperity

*: I will make mine arrows drunk with blood.

*: Another drunk is sleeping in dangerous proximity to a brush fire.

*: Gen. G. had been on a long drunk from July last until Christmas.

*: Here – help yourself to another drop there, Redmond! By the time weve got a good drunk on us therell be more crack in this valley than the night I pissed on the electric fence!

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