: Salmon is a fish.

: The Sun Mother created all the fishes of the world.

: The Sun Mother created all the fish of the world.

: We have many fish in our aquarium.

*: The whale, the limpet, the tortoise and the oyster… as men have been willing to give them all the name of fishes, it is wisest for us to conform.

: The seafood pasta had lots of fish but not enough pasta.

: The fish at the lake didnt prove successful.

: Merely two fishes for information told the whole story.

*: The second and third fish went to the middle of her long superstructure and under her forward deck.

: She went to the [[river]] to fish for [[trout]].

: They fished the surrounding lakes for the dead body.

: Why are you fishing through my things?

: He was fishing for the keys in his pocket.

: The detective visited the local pubs fishing around for more information.

: The actors loitered at the door, fishing for compliments.

*: ... the crew were set to replacing and splicing the rigging and fishing the spars.

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