actuate, root, cheer, spur, incite, encourage


*: Wings, which others were contriving to actuate by the perpetual motion.

*: A man in a fit of anger, is actuated in a very different manner from one who only thinks of that emotion.

*: Men of the greatest abilities are most fired with ambition; and, on the contrary, mean and narrow minds are the least actuated by it.

: This trees roots can go as deep as twenty metres underground.

*: ... two fields which should have been sown with roots in the early summer were not sown because the ploughing had not been completed early enough.

: Root damage is a common problem of overbrushing.

: The root is the only part of the hair that is alive.

: He dyed his hair black last month, so the grey roots can be seen.

: The love of money is the root of all evil.

*: They were the roots out of which sprang two distinct people.

: The cube root of 27 is 3.

: Multiply by root 2.

: rfquotek|Busby

*: deep to the roots of hell

*: the roots of the mountains

: We rooted his box and planted a virus on it.

*: In deep grounds the weeds root deeper.

*: If any irregularity chanced to intervene and to cause misapprehensions, he gave them not leave to root and fasten by concealment.

: A pig roots the earth for truffles.

: rooting about in a junk-filled drawer

*: I will go root away the noisome weeds.

*: The Lord rooted them out of their land ... and cast them into another land.

: Fancy a root?

*: Let me root, root, root for the home team,

: Im rooting for you, dont let me down!

*: And soo on the morne they were alle accorded that they shold departe eueryche from other / And on the morne they departed with wepynge chere / and euery kny?t took the way that hym lyked best

*: Heraclitus taking pitie and compassion of the very same condition of ours, was continually seene with a sad, mournfull, and heavie cheere transterm|visage|lang=frm, and with teares trickling downe his blubbered eyes.

*: ‘thorough evill rest of this last night, / Or ill apayd or much dismayd ye be; / That by your change of cheare is easie for to see.’

*: And anon he talked with them, and sayde unto them: be of good chere, it is I, be not afrayed.

*: The parents...fled away with heavy cheer.

*: I have not that alacrity of spirit, / Nor cheer of mind, that I was wont to have.

: ux|en|a table loaded with good cheer

: ux|en|A cheer rose from the crowd.

*: Welcome her, thundering cheer of the street.

: We were cheered by the offer of a cup of tea.

*: The proud he tamed, the penitent he cheered.

: The crowd cheered in support of the athletes.

: The crowd cheered the athletes.

*: Lives he, good uncle? thrice within this hour I saw him down; thrice up again, and fighting; From helmet to the spur all blood he was.

*: Two sorts of spurs seem to have been in use about the time of the Conquest, one called a pryck, having only a single point like the gaffle of a fighting cock; the other consisting of a number of points of considerable length, radiating from and revolving on a center, thence named the rouelle or wheel spur.

*: But, worthy Hector, She is a theme of honour and renown, A spur to valiant and magnanimous deeds...

*: I do note / That grief and patience, rooted in them both, / Mingle their spurs together.

*: [...] the strong-basd promontory

*: Have I made shake; and by the spurs pluckd up

*: The pine and cedar ...

*: Draw, archers, draw your arrows to the head! Spur your proud horses hard, and ride in blood; Amaze the welkin with your broken staves!

*: My desire / (More sharp than filed steel) did spur me forth...

: The judge was told by the accused that his friends had to incite him to commit the crime.

: I encouraged him during his race.

: We encourage the use of bicycles in the town centre.

: The royal family has always encouraged the arts in word and deed

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