prostrate, rescind, overrule, quash, annul, scull, abrogate, disprove, subvert, down, cancel, undo, overturn, derogate


*: Prostrate fall / Before him reverent, and there confess / Humbly our faults.

*: Finally almost the whole world was combined against the evil-doers, who are now prostrate before us.

: I told him you was prostrate with grief. — Mammy to Scarlett, Gone With the Wind.

: He was prostrate from the extreme heat.

: The agency will rescind the policy because many people are dissatisfied with it.

*: His passion and animosity overruled his conscience.

: The line judge signalled the ball was in, but this was overruled by the umpire.

: The army quashed the rebellion.

*: Contrition is apt to quash or allay all worldly grief.

*: The whales / Against sharp rocks, like reeling vessels, quashed, / Though huge as mountains, are in pieces dashed.

*: The afternoon sun was getting low as the Rat sculled gently homewards in a dreamy mood, murmuring poetry-things over to himself, and not paying much [[attention]] to Mole.

*: The scull is a head piece, without visor or bever, resembling a bowl or bason, such as was worn by our cavalry, within twenty or thirty years.

*: In 1954, Bob Hawke made the Guinness Book of Records for sculling 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds.

*: That way you get your opponent so gassed up from sculling beer that all he can think about is trying to burp without spewing.

*: For a livelier scene, head here on Friday or Saturday night, when mass beer-sculling (chugging) and yodeling are accompanied by a brass band and costumed waitresses ferrying foaming beer steins about the atmospheric, cellarlike space.

*: After a three-day Torquay-to-Sydney road trip with his hosts, Noll rejoined his American temmates, unshaven and stinking of alcohol, the Team USA badge ripped from his warm-up jacket and replaced by an Aussie-made patch of Disney character Gladstone Gander sculling a frothy mug of beer.

: rfquotek|Milton

*: Where hunters and woodcutters once slept in their boots by the dying light of their thousand fires and went on, old teutonic forebears with eyes incandesced by the visionary light of a massive rapacity, wave on wave of the violent and insane, their brains stoked with spoorless analogues of all that was, lean aryans with their abrogate semitic chapbook reenacting the dramas and parables therein and mindless and pale with a longing that nothing save darks total restitution could appease.

*: Let us see whether the [[New Testament]] abrogates what we so frequently see in the Old.

*: Whose laws, like those of the Medes and Persian, they cannot alter or abrogate.

*: He ... razeth your cities, and subverts your towns.

*: This would subvert the principles of all knowledge.

: A dictator stays in power only as long as he manages to subvert the will of his people.

: Churchill Downs, Upson Downs (from Auntie Mame, by Patrick Dennis).

*: And with each end of thy blue bow [[dost]] crown

*: My [[bosky]] acres and my unshrubbd down

*: Hills afford prospects, as they must needs acknowledge who have been on the downs of Sussex.

*: She went by dale, and she went by down.

*: Seven thousand broad-tailed sheep grazed on his downs.

: ux|en|The cat jumped down from the table.

: ux|en|His place is farther down the road.

: ux|en|The company was well down the path to bankruptcy.

*: It was April 22, 1831, and a young man was walking down Whitehall in the direction of Parliament Street. He wore shepherds plaid trousers and the swallow-tail coat of the day, with a figured muslin cravat wound about his wide-spread collar.

: ux|en|I went down to Miami for a conference.

: ux|en|He went down to Cavan.  down on the farm;  down country

: ux|en|The computer has been shut down.  They closed the shop down.  The up escalator is down.

: ux|en|Smith was sent down to the minors to work on his batting.

: ux|en|After the incident, Kelly went down to Second Lieutenant.

: ux|en|Down, boy! qualifier|such as to direct a dog to stand on four legs from two, or to sit from standing on four legs.

: ux|en|Hes gone back down to Newcastle for Christmas.

*: Venerable men! you have come down to us from a former generation.

: ux|en|to boil down in cookery, or in making decoctions

: rfquotek|Arbuthnot

: ux|en|They tamped (down) the asphalt to get a better bond.

: ux|en|He boiled the mixture./He boiled down the mixture. He sat waiting./He sat down and waited.

: ux|en|The ball rolled down the hill.

: ux|en|The bus went down the street.

: ux|en|They walked down the beach holding hands.

: So, things got you down? / Is Rodney Dangerfield giving you no respect? / Well, bunky, cheer up!

: The stock market is down.

: Prices are down.

: They are down by 3-0 with just 5 minutes to play.

: He was down by a bishop and a pawn after 15 moves.

: At 5-1 down, she produced a great comeback to win the set on a tiebreak.

: Two down and one to go in the bottom of the ninth.

: Ever since Nixon, Ive been down on Republicans.

: Are you down to hang out at the mall, Jamal?

: As long as youre down with helping me pick a phone, Jack.

: The system is down.

: Two down and three to go. (Two tasks completed and three more still to be done.)

: Ten minutes down and nothings happened yet.

: We have an officer down outside the suspects house.

: There are three soldiers down and one walking wounded.

: We have a chopper down near the river.

: Its two weeks until opening night and our lines are still not down yet.

*: I stay with Chloe the longest. When shes not hanging out at the beach parties, she lives in a Japanese garden complete with an arched bridge spanning a pond filled with koi of varying sizes and shapes. Reeds shoot out of the water, rustling when the fish swim through them, and river-washed stones are sprinkled in a bed of sand. Chloe has this whole new Japanese thing down.

: a down denial

: rfquotek|Beaumont and Fletcher

: He downed an ale and ordered another.

: The storm downed several old trees along the highway.

*: To down proud hearts.

*: I remember how you downed Beauclerk and Hamilton, the wits, once at our house.

: He downed two balls on the break.

: He downed it at the seven-yard line.

: rfquotek|John Locke

: I love almost everything about my job. The only down is that I cant take Saturdays off.

*: She had a down on me. I dont know what for, Im sure; because I never said a word.

: I bet after the third down, the kicker will replace the quarterback on the field.

: I havent solved 12 or 13 across, but Ive got most of the downs.

: She lives in a two-up two-down.

*: The first down begins to shade his face.

*: When in the down I sink my head, / Sleep, Deaths twin brother, times my breath.

*: Thou bosom softness, down of all my cares!

: rfquotek|Young

*: A deed may be avoided by delivering it up to be cancelled; that is, to have lines drawn over it in the form of latticework or cancelli; the phrase is now used figuratively for any manner of obliterating or defacing it.

: He cancelled his order on their website.

*: "I dont know what your agreement was, Herr Professor, but if it had money in it, cancel it. I want him to learn that lesson, too."

: This machine cancels the letters that have a valid zip code.

: The corrective feedback mechanism cancels out the noise.

*: cancelled from heaven

*: A prison is but a retirement, and opportunity of serious thoughts, to a person whose spirit...desires no enlargement beyond the cancels of the body.

: Fortunately, we can undo most of the damage to the system by the war.

: Could you undo my buckle for me?

*: Woe is me, for I am undone!

*: By several contrary customs, ... many of the civil and canon laws are controlled and derogated.

*: I never thought the human frailty of erring in cases of religion, infamy to a state, no more than to a council: it had therefore been neither civil nor christianly, to derogate the honour of the state for that cause [...].

*: When the need for self-affirmation is satisfied through other means, one is less compelled to derogate members of negatively setereotyped groups.

*: Bandura (1990) gave a related example of gas chamber operators in Nazi prison camps, who found it necessary to derogate and dehumanize their victims rather than become overwhelmed by distress.

*: Anything ... that should derogate, minish, or hurt his glory and his name.

*: It derogates little from his fortitude, while it adds infinitely to the honor of his humanity.

*: In doing so she had derogated from her dignity and committed herself.

*: God does not have the attributes of a Christian Providence, for it would derogate from His perfection to think about anything except what is perfect, i.e. Himself.

*: The six-member Committee on Standards and Conduct unanimously recommended that the Senate censure the Connecticut Democrat for behavior that is "contrary to good morals, derogates from the public trust expected of a Senator, and tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute."

*: CLOTEN. Is it fit I went to look upon him? Is there no derogation int?

*: SECOND LORD. You cannot derogate, my lord.

*: Would Charles X. derogate from his ancestors? Would he be the degenerate scion of that royal line?

:* 1605, Dry up in her the organs of increase, / And from her derogate body never spring / A babe to honour her. — William Shakespeare, King Lear I.iv

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