pool, pond


: the pools of Solomon

*: Charity will hardly water the ground where it must first fill a pool.

*: The sleepy pool above the dam.

*: The filthy mantled pool beyond your cell.

*: He plays pool at the billiard houses.

: The pool took all the wheat offered below the limit.

: He put $10,000 into the pool.

*: Finally, it favors the pooling of all issues.

*: But when the moon rose and the breeze awakened, and the sedges stirred, and the cats-paws raced across the moonlit ponds, and the far surf off Wonder Head intoned the hymn of the four winds, the trinity, earth and sky and water, became one thunderous symphony—a harmony of sound and colour silvered to a monochrome by the moon.

: ux|en|I wonder how they do this on the other side of the pond.

: ux|en|I havent been back home across the pond in twenty years.

*: The rate of fall of the surface of water ponded over the soil within the ring gives a measure of the infiltration rate for the particular enclosed area.

*: Pleaseth you, pond your suppliants plaint.

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