trapdoor, lodgings, hatch, pad, scuttle, wicket, outlet


: rfquotek|Raymond

: The cook passed the dishes through the serving hatch.

: rfquotek|Ainsworth

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Scott

*: Twere not amiss to keep our door hatched.

: to hatch a plan or a plot; to hatch mischief or heresy

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: These pullets are from an April hatch.

*: The Willowemoc above Livington Manor had the largest mayfly hatch I ever knew about fifty years ago.

*: The major application of the parachute is for mayfly hatches, but its also useful for midge hatches.

*: Many years the mayfly hatch begins by the time the lake opens in April. Otherwise, expect strong hatches by mid-May. The hatches continue through midsummer.

*: Those hatching strokes of the pencil.

*: Shall win this sword, silvered and hatched.

*: His weapon hatched in blood.

: I put down some traps in my apartment to try and deal with the mouse problem.

: Unfortunately she fell into the trap of confusing biology with destiny.

*: God and your majesty / Protect mine innocence, or I fall into / The trap is laid for me!

: Close the trap, would you, before someone falls and breaks their neck.

: They shot out of the school gates like greyhounds out of the trap.

*: The two women looked down the alley. At the end of the Bottoms a man stood in a sort of old-fashioned trap, bending over bundles of cream-coloured stuff; while a cluster of women held up their arms to him, some with bundles.

*: I had told them they could have my trap to take them as far as the road went, because after that they had a long walk.

*: At the last moment Mollie, the foolish, pretty white mare who drew Mr. Joness trap, came mincing daintily in, chewing at a lump of sugar.

: Keep your trap shut.

*: ...his cabin-mates in Montana losing small valuables from time to time, until at last, these things having been invariably found on Mr. Twains person or in his "trunk" (newspaper he rolled his traps in)...

: Ive just laid a cable in trap 2 so Id give it 5 minutes if I were you.

*: The miners? grievances centred on the issue of the compulsory purchase of miners? licences and the harassment of raids by the licensing police, the ‘traps,’ in search of unlicensed miners.

*: Diggers were angered by frequent licence inspections and harassment by ‘the traps’ (the goldfield police).

: rfquotek|Knight

: ux|en|to trap foxes

*: I trapped the foe.

: ux|en|to trap a drain;  to trap a sewer pipe

*: to deck his hearse, and trap his tomb-black steed

*: There she found her palfrey trapped / In purple blazoned with armorial gold.

: rfquotek|W. C. Russell

: The author began to pad her succinct stories with trite descriptions to keep up with current market trends.

: "Obama pads delegate lead ... with win in key western state." Austin American-Statesman newspaper, May 21, 2008.

: to pad cloth

*: an abbot on an ambling pad

: rfquotek|Gay

: rfquotek|Byron

: rfquotek|Simmonds

*: Padding the streets for half a crown.

*: Their feet padded softly on the ground, and they crept quite close to him, twitching their noses, while the Rabbit stared hard to see which side the clockwork stuck out...

*: Their chief Argument is, That they never saw any Witches, therefore there are none. Just as if you or I should say, We never met with any Robbers on the Road, therefore there never was any Padding there.

: I heard her soft footsteps, pad, pad along the corridor.

*: In this version, the Patriot was boarded by pirates (or the crew and passengers were overpowered by mutineers), who murdered everyone and then looted and scuttled the ship.

*: To lay the foundation for an all-weather dock at Shelter Bay, he filled an old barge with worn-out grindstones from the Thorold paper mill, then scuttled the vessel.

*: He decided that before scuttling the ship to prevent her falling into enemy hands he had to get the dead and wounded ashore.

*: In recent years, steel-hull vessels up to 350 feet long have been scuttled in stable sandy-bottom areas, amassing new communities of fish and invertebrates and easing the stress and strain on the coral reef by creating new fishing and diving sites.

: The candidate had scuttled his chances with his unhinged outburst.

*: With the first dawn of day, old Janet was scuttling about the house to wake the baron.

*: there was a wisp or two of fine seaweed that had somehow got in, and a small crab was still alive and scuttled across the corner, yet the coffins were but little disturbed.

*: Morel scuttled out of the house before his wife came down.

: rfquotek|Spectator

*: As he did so he heard the shuffle of footsteps entering the chapel and the clicking of the confessional wicket.

: rfquotek|Bartlett

: rfquotek|Raymond

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