broom, whisk


*: ... and thy broom groves,

*: Whose shadow the dismissed bachelor loves,

*: Being lass-lorn ...

*: “[…] Sidi, I was busy in the exercise of my functions, occupied in brooming the front of the stables, when who should come but Hhamed Ould Denéï on horseback, at full gallop, as if he were going to break his neck. […]”

*: It was but this morning at eight, when poor Molly, was brooming the steps, and the baker paying her by no means unmerited compliments, that my landlady came whirling out of the ground-floor front, and sent the poor girl whimpering into the kitchen.

*: After that I did take the broom from its place, and I gave the floor a good brooming. I broomed the boards up and down and cross-ways. There was not a speck of dirt on them left.

*: We broomed the dirt floor clean with spruce branches, brought our gear inside, and moved in.

: With a quick whisk, she swept the cat from the pantry with her broom.

: He used a whisk to whip up a light and airy souffle.

: Peter dipped the whisk in lather and applied it to his face, so he could start shaving.

: I used a whisk to sweep the counter, then a push-broom for the floor.

*: My wife in her new lace whisk.

: rfquotek|Halliwell

*: He that walks in gray, whisking his riding rod.

: ux|en|Vernon whisked the sawdust from his workbench.

: ux|en|The chef prepared to whisk the egg whites for the angels food cake.

*: I beg she would not impale worms, nor whisk carp out of one element into another.

: ux|en|The governess whisked the children from the room before they could see their presents.

: ux|en|The children whisked down the road to the fair, laughing and chattering as they went.

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