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*: It ill beseemes a knight of gentle sort, / Such as ye haue him boasted, to beguile / A simple mayd, and worke so haynous tort, / In shame of knighthood, as I largely can report.

*: We walk along flat, open country, red dirt and spinifex grass, a few short treesnb....

*: This is condor country - the only region this far east where you can see the magnificent vulture - and a small national park straddling the passes, El Condorito, is a good stopover for walkers and birders.

*: It is a beautiful country of rolling hills, fertile valleys, and a thousand rivers and streams which keep the landscape green even in winter.

*: These days corporate Germany looks rather different. Volkswagen, the country’s leading carmaker, wants to be the world’s biggest by 2018.

*: I was borne and brought up in the Countrie, and amidst husbandrynb....

*: I have always thought that one of the main reasons for the popularity of blood sports in the country is the pointlessness of going outdoors with no purpose or destination in mind.

: ux|en|There will always be lovers, till the world’s end.

: ux|en|People are dying of starvation all over the world.

*: Serene, smiling, enigmatic, she faced him with no fear whatever showing in her dark eyes....She put back a truant curl from her forehead where it had sought egress to the world, and looked him full in the face now, drawing a deep breath which caused the round of her bosom to lift the lace at her throat.

: ux|en|Our mission is to travel the galaxy and find new worlds.

*: I think many people think of asteroids as kind of little chips of rock. But the places that Dawn is going to really are more like worlds.

: ux|en|In the world of boxing, good diet is all-important.

: ux|en|a world of difference;  a world of trouble;  a world of embarrassment

*: There are by now many feminisms (Tong, 1989; Humm, 1992). [...] They are in shifting alliance or contest with postmodern critiques, which at times seem to threaten the very category women and its possibilities for a feminist politics. These debates inform this attempt at worlding women—moving beyond white western power centres and their dominant knowledges (compare Spivak, 1985), while recognising that I, as a white settler-state woman, need to attend to differences between women, too.

*: In a sense, the dictatorship was a failure of failure and, on that account, it was perhaps the exemplary system of control. Having in 1933 wagered on the worlding of the world in the regimes failure, Heidegger after the war can only rue his opportunistic hopes for an exposure of the ontological foundations of control.

*: By a complete summer fallow, land is rendered tender and mellow. The fallow gives it a better tilth than can be given by a fallow crop.

: a fallow period in ones career

: a fallow deer or greyhound

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Mind you, clothes were clothes in those days. […]  Frills, ruffles, flounces, lace, complicated seams and gores: not only did they sweep the ground and have to be held up in one hand elegantly as you walked along, but they had little capes or coats or feather boas.

: ux|en|The worm crawls through the ground.

: crimson flowers on a white ground

: Brussels ground

: Grounds are usually put up first and the plastering floated flush with them.

: ux|en|Manchester Uniteds ground is known as Old Trafford.

*: Buck&

: rfquotek|Moore (Encyc.)

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: If you dont clean your room, Ill have no choice but to ground you.

: Eric, you are grounded until further notice for lying to us about where you were last night!

: My kids are currently grounded from television.

: Because of the bad weather, all flights were grounded.

: Jim was grounded in maths.

: Jones grounded to second in his last at-bat.

: The ship grounded on the bar.

*: being rooted and grounded in love

*: So far from warranting any inference to the existence of a God, would, on the contrary, ground even an argument to his negation.

: I ground myself with meditation.

: I ground the coffee up nicely.

: ground mustard seed

: lenses of ground glass

: Most insects live on land.

: There are 50 acres of land in this estate.

: They come from a faraway land.

: wet land; good or bad land for growing potatoes

: He moved from his home to settle in a faraway land.

: Im going to Disneyland.

: Maybe thats how it works in TV-land, but not in the real world.

: He got an awful land when the police arrived.

: Our city offices sell a lot more land than our suburban offices.

*: Herself upon the land she did prostrate.

: rfquotek|Knight

: The plane is about to land.

*: 10. You will be civil and attentive to passengers, giving proper assistance to ladies and children getting in or out, and never start the car before passengers are fairly received or landed.

: It can be tricky to land a helicopter.

: Use the net to land the fish.

*: Ill undertake to land them on our coast.

: He treble baas for help, but none can get. - Sir [[w:Philip Sidney|Philip Sidney]]

*: Now the twins started to cry and Malachy clung to Mam, sobbing. The cows mooed, the sheep maaed...

: The astronauts saw the earth from the porthole.

: ux|en|This is good earth for growing potatoes.

: ux|en|She sighed when the planes wheels finally touched earth.

: ux|en|Birds are of the sky, not of the earth.

*: "Beauty is truth, truth beauty," - that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

: That noise is because the amplifier is not properly earthed.

*: The miser earths his treasure, and the thief, / Watching the mole, half beggars him ere noon.

*: The fox is earthed.

: rfquotek|Tickell

: The reporter uncovered the dirt on the businessman by going undercover.

*: honours ... thrown away upon dirt and infamy

: The refugees returned to their native soil.

: Kenyan soil

*: A ladys honour ... will not bear a soil.

*: As deer, being stuck, fly through many soils, / Yet still the shaft sticks fast.

: night soil

*: Improve land by dung and other sort of soils.

*: Our wonted ornaments now soiled and stained.

: Light colours soil sooner than dark ones.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Men ... soil their ground, not that they love the dirt, but that they expect a crop.

: to soil a horseWebster 1913

: ux|en|Nick hired a navy-blue suit for the wedding.

: ux|en|Be sure to keep your nose to the grindstone today; the suits are making a "surprise" visit to this department.

: ux|en|If you take my advice, youll file suit against him immediately.

: Rebate your loves, each rival suit suspend, Till this funereal web my labors end. —w|Alexander Pope.

: To deal and shuffle, to divide and sort Her mingled suits and sequences. — w|William Cowper.

: Every five and thirty years the same kind and suit of weather comes again. — w|Francis Bacon.

: Thenceforth the suit of earthly conquest shone. — w|Edmund Spenser.

*: Let your own discretion be your tutor: suit the action to the word, the word to the action.

: ux|en|The ripped jeans didnt suit her elegant image.

: ux|en|That new top suits you. Where did you buy it?

: ux|en|The nickname "Bullet" suits her, since she is a fast runner.

: Ill suits his cloth the praise of railing well.

*: Raise her notes to that sublime degree / Which suits song of piety and thee.

*: “[…] it is not fair of you to bring against mankind double weapons ! Dangerous enough you are as woman alone, without bringing to your aid those gifts of mind suited to problems which men have been accustomed to arrogate to themselves.”

*: So went he suited to his watery tomb.

: ux|en|My new job suits me, as I work fewer hours and dont have to commute so much.

*: The place itself was suiting to his care.

*: Give me not an office / That suits with me so ill.

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