grave, base, deep, low, shallow, bass


*: He had lain in the grave four days.

*: They reached the cemetery. The men went right down to a place in the grass where a grave was dug. They ranged themselves all round; and while the priest spoke, the red soil thrown up at the sides kept noiselessly slipping down at the corners.

*: He hath graven and digged up a pit.

*: Thou shalt take two [[onyx]] stones, and grave on them the names of the children of Israel.

*: This be the verse you grave for me / "Here he lies where he longs to be"

*: With gold men may the hearte grave.

*: O! may they graven in thy heart remain.

*: Lie full low, graved in the hollow ground.

*: An illiterate fool sits in a mans seat; and the common people hold him learned, grave, and wise.

*: The thicker the cord or string, the more grave is the note or tone.

: rfquotek|Ure

: The logarithm to base 2 of 8 is 3.

*: The trebles squeak for fear, the bases roar.

*: bakers in their linen bases

: rfquotek|Lyman

*: Firstly, I continue to base most species treatments on personally collected material, rather than on herbarium plants.

*: Apart from time taken out during radio- and chemotherapy, Maurs continued to participate in POW. She would base a flyer in a double balance and make the audience laugh with her clowning antics for two more shows.

*: The cedar stoops not to the base shrubs foot.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: If thou livest in paine and sorrow, thy base courage is the cause of it, To die there wanteth but will.

*: a pleasant and base swain

*: a cruel act of a base and a cowardish mind

*: base ingratitude

: base coin;  base bullion

*: Why bastard? wherefore base?

: base Latin

: rfquotek|Fuller

: the base tone of a violin

: A base estate is one held by services not honourable, or held by villenage. Such a tenure is called base, or low, and the tenant is a base tenant.

*: to run the country base

*: So ran they all, as they had bene at bace, / They being chased that did others chase.

: ux|en|We hiked into a deep valley between tall mountains.

: ux|en|There was a deep layer of dust on the floor; the room had not been disturbed for many years.

*: Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep.

: ux|en|The shelves are 30 centimetres deep. — They are deep shelves.

: ux|en|a crowd three deep along the funeral procession

: ux|en|That cyclists deep chest allows him to draw more air.

: ux|en|to take a deep breath / sigh / drink

*: Serene, smiling, enigmatic, she faced him with no fear whatever showing in her dark eyes....She put back a truant curl from her forehead where it had sought egress to the world, and looked him full in the face now, drawing a deep breath which caused the round of her bosom to lift the lace at her throat.

: ux|en|deep into the forest;  deep in the forest

: ux|en|He is fielding at deep mid wicket.

: ux|en|She hit a ball into deep center field.

: ux|en|a deep volley

: ux|en|That is a deep thought!

: ux|en|I just meant to help out a little, but now Im deep into it.

: ux|en|Theyre deep in discussion.

*: While Britain’s recession has been deep and unforgiving, in London it has been relatively shallow.

: ux|en|a deep subject or plot

*: Why it was that the ancients had no landscape painting, is a question deep almost as the mystery of life, and harder of solution than all the problems of jurisprudence combined.

*: deep clerks

: ux|en|She has a very deep [[contralto]] voice.

: ux|en|Thats a very deep shade of blue.

: ux|en|He was in a deep sleep.

: ux|en|deep in debt;  deep in the mud;  waist-deep in the muddy water

*: The ways in that vale were very deep.

*: Deep-versed in books, and shallow in himself.

*: Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring.

*: Hepaticology, outside the temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere, still lies deep in the shadow cast by that ultimate "closet taxonomist," Franz Stephani—a ghost whose shadow falls over us all.

: creatures of the deep

: Russell is a safe pair of hands in the deep.

: low spirits

: I felt low at Christmas with no family to celebrate with.

: Food prices are lower in a supermarket than in a luxury department store.

: ux|en|Generally, European men have lower voices than their Indian counterparts.

: ux|en|They spoke in low voices so I would not hear what they were saying.

: ux|en|Why would you want to play heavy metal at such a low volume?

: ux|en|Now that was low even for you!

: a person of low mind

: a low trick or stratagem

: a low pulse

: made low by sickness

: the low northern latitudes

*: Why but to keep ye low and ignorant?

*: In comparison of these divine writers, the noblest wits of the heathen world are low and dull.

: a low diet

: You have achieved a new low in behavior, Frank.

: Economic growth has hit a new low.

: He is in a low right now

: Shift out of low before the car gets to eight miles per hour.

: He got the brand new Yankees jersey for the low.

*: Can sing both high and low.

: to speak low

*: The ... odorous wind / Breathes low between the sunset and the moon.

: He sold his wheat low.

*: In that part of the world which was first inhabited, even as low down as Abrahams time, they wandered with their flocks and herds.

: The moon runs low, i.e. comparatively near the horizon when on or near the meridian.

: rfquotek|Jonathan Swift

: The cattle were lowing.

*: The lowing herd wind slowly oer the lea.

: rfquotek|Burns

: A barrow or Low, such as were usually cast up over the bodies of eminent Captains. (Robert Plot, The natural history of Staffordshire, 1686; cited after OED).

: And some they brought the brown lint-seed, and flung it down from the Low. (Mary Howitt, Ballads and other poems 1847)

: This crater is relatively shallow.

: Saute the onions in a shallow pan.

: The water is shallow here.

: It was a glamorous but shallow lifestyle.

: The acting is good, but the characters are shallow.

: shallow learning

*: The king was neither so shallow, nor so ill advertised, as not to perceive the intention of the French king.

*: the sound perfecter and not so shallow and jarring

: The ship ran aground in an unexpected shallow.

*: A swift stream is not heard in the channel, but upon shallows of gravel.

*: dashed on the shallows of the moving sand

: The giant spoke in a deep, bass, rumbling voice that shook me to my boots.

: Peter adjusted the equalizer on his audio equipment to emphasize the bass.

: The conductor preferred to situate the bass in the middle rear, rather than to one side of the orchestra.

: Halfway through middle school, Edgar morphed from a soprano to a bass, much to the amazement and amusement of his fellow choristers.

: The musician swung the bass over his head like an axe and smashed it into the amplifier, creating a discordant howl of noise.

: The score had been written without the treble and bass, but it was easy to pick out which was which based on the location of the notes on the staff.

*: ...|The windes did ?ing it to me : and the Thunder
(That deepe and dreadfull Organ-Pipe) pronouncd
The name of Pro?per : it did ba?e my Tre?pa??e

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