go on, travel, helicopter, trip, journey


: In order to get to town, I decided to go on the [[bus]]

: The partys called for five oclock, and the cutlery still needs to go on the table!

: The meeting seemed to go on forever.

: I think Ive said enough now; Im not sure I should go on.

: He went on walking even when the policeman told him to stop.

: He went on to win a gold medal.

: Will you stop going on about your stupid holiday.

*: "I dont believe you." I shake my head. "How on earth did you remember that? I must have told you years ago."...

*: "First of all, you go on about it far more than you think you do,...."

: We cant go on what this map says; its twenty years out of date.

: I didnt make a decision because I didnt have anything to go on.

: Whats going on?!

: I really dont want to know what goes on between you and your boyfriend [[behind closed doors]].

: A: He asked Fiona to marry him.

: B: Go on!

: A: Its true, I swear.

: I like to travel.

: Soundwaves can travel through water.

: I’ve travelled the world.

*: They shall not be travelled forth of their own franchises.

: rfquotek|Hooker

: space travel

: travel to Spain

: I’m off on my travels around France again.

: There was a lot of travel in the handle, because the tool was out of adjustment.

: My drill press has a travel of only 1.5 inches.

: We flew over the city in a helicopter.

: helicoptering his jacket, helicoptering his arms, helicoptering his penis

: ux|en|We made a trip to the beach.

*: I took a trip to London on the death of the queen.

: ux|en|He was injured due to a trip down the stairs.

*: Imperfect words, with childish trips.

*: Each seeming trip, and each digressive start.

: ux|en|He had a strange trip after taking LSD.

: ux|en|ego trip;  power trip;  nostalgia trip;  guilt trip

: ux|en|Its dark because the trip operated.

: ux|en|trip the light fantastic w|Trip the light fantastic (phrase)|W

*: His heart bounded as he sometimes could hear the trip of a light female step glide to or from the door.

*: A trip of cheese.

*: And watches with a trip his foe to foil.

*: It is the sudden trip in wrestling that fetches a man to the ground.

: rfquotek|Robert of Brunne

: Be careful not to trip on the tree roots.

: A pedestrian was able to trip the burglar as he was running away.

*: Early in his boyhood he had learned to form ropes by twisting and tying long grasses together, and with these he was forever tripping Tublat or attempting to hang him from some overhanging branch.

*: till his tongue trip

*: A blind will thereupon comes to be led by a blind understanding; there is no remedy, but it must trip and stumble.

*: Virgil is so exact in every word that none can be changed but for a worse; he pretends sometimes to trip, but it is to make you think him in danger when most secure.

*: These her women can trip me if I err.

: When we get into the factory, trip the lights.

: The alarm system tripped, throwing everyone into a panic.

: After taking the LSD, I started tripping about fairies and colors.

: Last summer we tripped to the coast.

*: Come, and trip it, as you go, / On the light fantastic toe.

*: She bounded by, and tripped so light / They had not time to take a steady sight.

*: But whan ye haue done that Iourney ye shal promyse me as ye are a true knyght for to go with me and to helpe me / and other damoysels that are distressid dayly with a fals knyghte / All your entente damoysel and desyre I wylle fulfylle / soo ye wyl brynge me vnto this knyghte

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