dialect, Estuary English, Doric, murre, pooch, brogue


*: And in addition, many dialects of English make no morphological distinction between Adjectives and Adverbs, and thus use Adjectives in contexts where the standard language requires -ly Adverbs: compare
(81) (a)      Tex talks really quickly [Adverb + Adverb]
        (b)   %Tex talks real quick [Adjective + Adjective]

*: Many even deny it and say something like this: "No, we dont speak a dialect around here. [...]

*: Well, those children dont speak dialect, not in this school. Maybe in the public schools, but not here.

*: [...] on the second day, Miss Anderson gave the school a lecture on why it was wrong to speak dialect. She had ended by saying "Respectable people dont speak dialect."

: Home computers in the 1980s had many incompatible dialects of BASIC.

*: It may be that in one year alone, the Farallon murre population was reduced to the level at which it stood during the mid-1990s

*: About 2,800 pairs of Common Murres breed in the province, most of which are in the Scott Islands off northwestern Vancouver Island.

*: Staking out a spot involves not only the appropriate level of murre aggression (some murres are so aggressive that they throw their mates off the ledge) but, even more fundamentally, the ability to find food efficiently.

: Theres a pooch in the plastic where it got too hot.

: Her left sleeve has more pooch at the shoulder than the right.

: Inflate that tire too much and the tube may pooch out of the cut in the sidewall.

*: I had no doubt he knew where I was from, for I had the brogue, although not much of it.

*: “No-mans-land.” The words were spoken in a deep voice filled with salt water and brogue.

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