: She slurped a long noodle up out of her soup.

*: the chuckling grin of noodles

*: If that portrait could speak, sir — but it has the advantage over the original of not possessing the power of committing itself and disgusting others, — it would testify, that a long period has elapsed since I first habitually addressed it as the picture of a noodle.

: He noodled over the problem for a day or two before making a decision.

: "Noodle that thought around for a while" said Dr. Johnson to his Biblical Interpretations class

: If the machine is really broken, noodling with the knobs is not going to fix it.

: He has been noodling with that trumpet all afternoon, and every bit of it sounds awful.

: Fred had several lacerations on his hands from noodling for flathead in the river.

*: On the Olympic Field the tour-group is permitted to ‘noodle’ (hunt for opals) on the waste or mullock heaps ...

*: In Coober Pedy, noodling for opals is generally discouraged, although a few tourist spots, such as the Old Timers Mine, have noodle pits open to the public.

*: We learn how Lennon used to noodle (fossick) for opal as a kid, how camels were for a long time the only form of transportation, and where the name Coober Pedy came from.

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