hapless, distressed, unlucky, useless, smelly, infelicitous, shabby, wretched


*: My dear friend, are you to become that hapless kind of outcast, a champion of lost causes?

*: The hapless squad, which was outscored 517-268 in 2008, became the first in league history to go 0-16.

: Im distressed that John hasnt answered my calls. I hope nothing bad happened to him on the way here.

: This fork has prongs that are bent. Its useless now.

: I think its useless to keep this discussion going. Its like talking to a wall.

: I tried my best to make him quit smoking, but my efforts were useless. He now smokes six packs a day.

: Bill never mows the lawn, takes out the trash or anything. Hes useless, but I love him anyways.

: My brother is useless at most computer games, but he is an awesome PS2 player.

: Why do you keep trying? Youre obviously useless at it.

: She was hesitant to remove her shoes, as her socks were rather smelly.

: The detective read the documents and thought, "Something sure is smelly about this case".

: That smelly code needs to be refactored.

*: If leading a "dogs life" be considered a peculiar phase of human misery, the life of a Boys Dog is still more infelicitous.

*: "Now, youve got just grounds for shooting me," he said gaily, and instantly regretted his infelicitous remark.

: They lived in a tiny apartment, with some old, shabby furniture.

: The fellow arrived looking rather shabby after journeying so far.

: shabby treatment

*: All those wretched quarrels, in his humble opinion, stirring up bad blood, from some bump of combativeness or gland of some kind, erroneously supposed to be about a punctilio of honour and a flag,....

: ux|en|Jan Hollar authored many wretched poems.   Jan Hollar lived in a wretched cabin.

suositut haut
vapaa radikaali p. plataanipuu kotipesä paikkansapitävä hakemisto