badmouth, vilify, slander, slam, defame, traduce


*: . . . those cross-Atlantic aficionados who persistently idolize the British theater and bad-mouth Broadway.

: Dont slam the door!

: Dont slam that trunk down on the pavement!

: Dont ever slam me in front of the boss like that again!

: Union leaders slammed the new proposals.

: Critics slammed the new film, calling it violent and meaningless.

: rfquotek|Hoyle

*: How many slams in an old screen door? / Depends how loud you shut it.

*: The slam and the scowl were lost upon Sam.

: ux|en|I dont mean this as a slam, but you can be really impatient sometimes.

: to defame somebody

*: My guilt thy growing virtues did defame; / My blackness blotted thy unblemishd name.

*: This heavy-headed revel east and west
Makes us traduced and taxd of other nations:

*: However therefore this complexion was first acquired, it is evidently maintained by generation, and by the tincture of the skin as a spermatical part traduced from father unto son [...].

*: From Davenant down to Dumas, from the Englishman who improved Macbaeth to the Frenchman who traduced into the French of Paris four acts of Hamlet, and added a new fifth act of his own, Shakespeare has been disturbed in a way he little thought of when he menacingly provided for the repose of his bones.

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