forbidding, intimidating, eerie, dreaded, terrible, chilling, fearsome, frightening


: The eerie sounds seemed to come from the [[graveyard]] after [[midnight]].

*: She began to feel eerie.

: ux|en|The witch gave him a terrible curse.

*: ...and there was even a party of the younger men who pretended to admire him, calling him a "true sea-dog," and "real old salt," and such-like names, and saying there was the sort of man that made England terrible at sea.

: ux|en|He paid a terrible price for his life of drinking.

: ux|en|The food was terrible, but it was free.

: ux|en|Whatever he thinks, he is a terrible driver.

*: As they reached the street the ‘Duchess’ caught a swirling hem of lace about her chilling ankles.

: It was a chilling story, but the children enjoyed it

*: Displaying a sturdy professionalism throughout that stops just short of artistry, director Gary Ross, who co-scripted with Collins and Billy Ray, does his strongest work in the early scenes, which set up the stakes with chilling efficiency.

: The frightening scientist lived in an old shack.

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