pile, layer, stack


: When we were looking for a new housemate, we put the nice woman on the "maybe" pile, and the annoying guy on the "no" pile.

: a pile of shot

: rfquotek|Dryden

*: The pile oerlooked the town and drew the fight.

*: The pile is of a gloomy and massive, rather than of an elegant, style of Gothic architecture ...

*: It was dark when the four-wheeled cab wherein he had brought Avice from the station stood at the entrance to the pile of flats of which Pierston occupied one floor...

*: Watch Harlequins train and you get some idea of why they are back on top of the pile going into Saturdays rerun of last seasons grand final against Leicester.

: ux|en|We piled the camel with our loads.

*: Velvet soft, or plush with shaggy pile.

: Wrap the loaf in two layers of aluminum foil before putting it in the oven.

: After the first coat of paint dried, he applied another layer.

: Its cold now but it will warm up this afternoon. Make sure you wear layers.

: I find seven-layer cake a bit too rich.

: mired in layers of deceit

: a software layer that translates keystrokes

: When dealing with an infestation of headlice, the first step is to eliminate the layers.

: Layer the ribbons on top of one another to make an attractive pattern.

*: But corn was housed, and beans were in the stack.

: ux|en|Please bring me a chair from that stack in the corner.

*: Against every pillar was a stack of billets above a mans height.

*: With just the turn of a shoulder she indicated the water front, where, at the end of the dock on which they stood, lay the good ship, Mount Vernon, river packet, the black smoke already pouring from her stacks.

*: When the microprocessor decodes the JSR opcode, it stores the operand into the TEMP register and pushes the current contents of the PC ($00 0128) onto the stack.

: ux|en|They paid him a stack of money to keep quiet.

: ux|en|Please stack those chairs in the corner.

: ux|en|This is the third hand in a row where youve drawn four of a kind. Someone is stacking the deck!

: ux|en|I won Jills last $100 this hand; I stacked her!

: ux|en|The Government was accused of stacking the parliamentary committee.

*: Miserable phone calls from Windsor police station or from Russell Street. ‘Mum, I?ve stacked the car; could you get me a lawyer?’, the middle-class panacea for all diseases.

*: MARMALADE Who stacked the car? (pointing to SALOON) Fangio here.

*: JOCK (standing) I claim full responsibility for the second bingle.

*: Eventually he sideswiped a bus and forced other cars to collide, and as he finally stacked the car up on a bridge abutment, he passed out, perhaps from exhaustion, perhaps from his head hitting the windshield.

*: oh shit danny, i stacked the car / ran into sally, an old school friend / you stacked the car? / so now i need this sally?s address / for the insurance, danny says

: ux|en|Jim couldn?t make it today as he stacked his car on the weekend.

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