achievement, attainment, progeny, feat, performance, exploit, merit, accomplishment


: ux|en|Finishing the game does not give you a 100% score until you have unlocked all of the achievements.

: I treasure this five-generation photograph of my great-great grandmother and her progeny.

: His dissertation is his most important intellectual progeny to date.

*: Never master had a page ... so feat.

*: And look how well my garments sit upon me — / Much feater than before.

*: To the more mature, / A glass that feated them.

: ux|en|the performance of an undertaking or a duty

: ux|en|Better performance means more work accomplished in shorter time and/or using fewer resources.

: ux|en|The first trek to the summit of Mount Everest was a stunning exploit.

: His reward for his merit was a [[check]] for $50.

*: Reputation is ... oft got without merit, and lost without deserving.

*: To him the wit of Greece and Rome was known, / And every authors merit, but his own.

: His teacher gave him ten merits.

*: those laurel groves, the merits of thy youth

*: Be it known, that we, the greatest, are misthought / For things that others do; and when we fall, / We answer others merits in our name.

: ux|en|Her performance merited its wild applause.

: They were punished as they merited.

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