battle, contend, combat, fight, strive


: battle grass, battle pasture

: battle soil, battle land

: ux|en|the battle of life

*: The whole intellectual battle that had at its centre the best poem of the best poet of that day.

*: In truth, Tottenham never really looked like taking all three points and this defeat means they face a battle to reach the knockout stages—with their next home game against PAOK Salonika on 30 November likely to prove decisive.

*: Australian broadcaster Clive James has admitted that he is losing his long-fought battle with leukaemia.

*: THenne kyng Arthur made redy his hoost in x batails and Nero was redy in the felde afore the castel Tarabil with a grete hoost / & he had x batails with many mo peple than Arthur had

*: The king divided his army into three battles.

*: The cavalry, by way of distinction, was called the battle, and on it alone depended the fate of every action.

*: ‘I will have more than twelve thousand men. I mean to divide them into three battles and start up the causeway a half-day apart.’

: rfquotek|Hayward

: She has been battling against cancer for years.

: She has been battling cancer for years.

*: The Lord said unto me, Distress not the Moabites, neither contend with them in battle.

*: For never two such kingdoms did contend without much fall of blood.

*: You sit above, and see vain men below / Contend for what you only can bestow.

*: The question which our author would contend for.

*: Many things he fiercely contended about were trivial.

*: "My tastes," he said, still smiling, "incline me to the garishly sunlit side of this planet." And, to tease her and arouse her to combat: "I prefer a farandole to a nocturne; Id rather have a painting than an etching; Mr. Whistler bores me with his monochromatic mud; I dont like dull colours, dull sounds, dull intellects;nb...."

*: To combat with a blind man I disdain.

: ux|en|The two boxers have been fighting for more than half an hour.

: ux|en|A wounded animal will fight like a maniac.

: ux|en|He fought for the Democrats in the last election.

: ux|en|The battle was fought just over that hill.

*: He had to fight his way through the world.

*: I have fought a good fight.

: ux|en|My grandfather fought the Nazis in World War II.

: ux|en|The government pledged to fight corruption.

: ux|en|to fight cocks;  to fight ones ship

: ux|en|One of them got stabbed to death during the fight.

: ux|en|Watch your language, are you looking for a fight?

: ux|en|Im going to Nick’s to watch the big fight tomorrow night.

: ux|en|Ill put up a fight to save this company.

: ux|en|That little guy has a bit of fight in him after all.   As soon as he saw the size of his opponent, all the fight went out of him.

*: Up with your fights, and your nettings prepare.

: He strove to excel.

: to strive for the truth

: to strive against fate

*: Now private pity strove with public hate, / Reason with rage, and eloquence with fate.

*: [Not] that sweet grove / Of Daphne, by Orontes and the inspired / Castalian spring, might with this paradise / Of Eden strive.

: rfquotek|Chapman

: rfquotek|Wyclif Bible (Luke xxi. 9)

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