accessory, fare, article, necessity, utensil


: the accessories of a mobile phone

*: the aspect and accessories of a den of banditti

*: So fares the stag among the enraged hounds.

*: There was a certain rich man which ... fared sumptuously every day.

: We shall see how it will fare with him.

*: So fares it when with truth falsehood contends.

: ux|en|Each of the [[Wikipedia:Solifugae|chelicerae]] is composed of two articles, forming a powerful pincer.

: ux|en|The [[Wikipedia:Articles of War|Articles of War]] are a set of regulations...to govern the conduct of...military...forces

*: upon each article of human duty

*: each article of time

*: the articles which compose the blood

: ux|en|an article of clothing

: ux|en|a sales article

: ux|en|Shes a prime article (whip slang), shes a devilish good piece, a hell of a goer.

*: a very great revolution that happened in this article of good breeding

*: This last article will hardly be believed.

*: This fatal news coming to Hicks Hall upon the article of my Lord Russells trial, was said to have had no little influence on the jury and all the bench to his prejudice.

*: ... who has more opportunities of acquiring the knowledge, than a physician? He is admitted into the dwellings of all ranks of people, and into the innermost parts of them; he sees them by their fireside, at their tables, and in their beds; he sees them at work, and at their recreations; he sees them in health, in sickness, and in the article of death; ...

: to article an apprentice to a mechanic

*: When the boy left school at Liskeard, he was articled to a lawyer, Mr. Jacobson, at Plymouth, a wealthy man in good practice, first cousin to his mother; but this sort of profession did not at all approve itself to Roberts taste, and he only remained with Mr. Jacobson a few months.

*: At noon dined alone with Sir W. Batten, where great discourse of Sir W. Pen, Sir W. Batten being, I perceive, quite out of love with him, thinking him too great and too high, and began to talk that the world do question his courage, upon which I told him plainly I have been told that he was articled against for it, and that Sir H. Vane was his great friend therein.

*: He shall be articled against in the high court of admiralty.

*: If all his errors and follies were articled against him, the man would seem vicious and miserable.

: ux|en|I bought a new table out of necessity. My old one was ruined.

*: Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.

: ux|en|A tent is a necessity if you plan on camping.

*: I stopped, and said with inly muttered voice,

*: It doth not love the shower, nor seek the cold:

*: This neither is its courage nor its choice,

*: But its necessity in being old.

: ux|en|[[doctrine of necessity]]

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