way to go, head off, tie, route, road, drive


: The team finished ahead of schedule and under budget. Way to go!

: They are about the same quality, so if you can get a discount on the color you like, that would be the way to go.

: (We will head off on our holidays tomorrow)

: The cavalry will head off the bandits at the pass.

: The government took steps to head off summertime shortages of gasoline.

: ux|en|nowrap|Do you know the way to the airport?nowrap|Come this way and Ill show you a shortcut.nowrap|Its a long way from here.

*: The way seems difficult, and steep to scale.

*: The season and ways were very improper for his majestys forces to march so great a distance.

: ux|en|We got into the cinema through the back way.

: ux|en|If youre ever round this way, come over and visit me.

: ux|en|nowrap|Youre going about it the wrong way.nowrap|Hes known for his quirky ways.nowrap|I dont like the way she looks at me.

: ux|en|Theres no way Im going to clean up after you.

: ux|en|My little sister always whines until she gets her way.

*: Ten minutes into the run Tang slowed, Welch calling out her speed as she lost way.

: ux|en|In a large way, crocodiles and alligators are similar.

: ux|en|Way to ruin the moment, guys.

*: on a time as they together wayd, / He made him open chalenge [...].

: Im way too tired to do that.

: Im a way better singer than she.

*: It turns out thats way more gain than you need for a keyboard, but you dont have to use all of it to benefit from the sonic characteristics.

: Im way tired

: String theory is way cool, except for the math.

*: With all the way cool boys out there, what if you dont recognize them because you dont know what to look for? Or, what if you have a chance to pick a perfect Prince and you end up with a yucky Frog instead?

: I used to live way over there.

: The farmhouse is way down the bottom of the hill.

: rfquotek|Young

: Its two outs in the bottom of the ninth, tie score.

: the sacred ties of friendship or of duty; the ties of allegiance

*: No distance breaks the tie of blood.

*: The film ends with the colorful deaths of Nicos enemies after he thwarts their attempts to assassinate a U.S. Senator investigating ties between drug dealers and the CIA.

: Ties work to maintain structural integrity in windstorms and earthquakes.

: The FA Cup third round tie between Liverpool and Cardiff was their first meeting in the competition since 1957.

: Tie this rope in a knot for me, please.

: Tie the rope to this tree.

: Tie a knot in this rope for me, please.

: Tie him to the tree.

*: In bond of virtuous love together tied.

: Tie your shoes.

*: Not tied to rules of policy, you find / Revenge less sweet than a forgiving mind.

: They tied for third place.

: They tied the game.

: He tied me for third place.

: ux|en|The route was used so much that it formed a rut.

: ux|en|You need to find a route that you can take between these two obstacles.

: ux|en|We live near the bus route.

: ux|en|Here is a map of our delivery routes.

: ux|en|Follow Route 49 out of town.

*: If such an option is to viable over time, it needs to be protected against competitors. Having patent protection is one route....Another route is to have a programmatic investment strategy.... Rolex has taken this route and...

: All incoming mail was routed through a single office.

*: There dwelt a salvage nation, which did live / Of stealth and spoile, and making nightly rode / Into their neighbours borders […].

*: There delivering their fraught, they went to Scandaroone; rather to view what ships was in the Roade, than any thing else [...].

*: Where, then, is the road to peace?

*: With easy roads he came to Leicester.

*: He stirred up his hair with his sprightliest expression, glanced at the little figure again, said ‘Good evening, ma ‘am; don’t come down, Mrs Affery, I know the road to the door,’ and steamed out.

: ux|en|Crassus had [[wealth]] and [[wit]], but Pompey had drive and Caesar as much again.

*: The Murdstonian drive in business.

*: Are you all ready?’ he cried, and set off towards the dead ash where the drive would begin.

: ux|en|Napoleons drive on Moscow was as [[determined]] as it was [[disastrous]].

: ux|en|Some old model trains have clockwork drives.

: ux|en|It was a long drive.

: ux|en|The mansion had a long, tree-lined drive.

: ux|en|Beverly Hills’ most famous street is Rodeo Drive.

: a whist drive; a beetle drive

: to drive sheep out of a field

*: A storm came on and drove them into Pylos.

: rfex|the example is not exactly about an action described by the definition. the example is about driving brambles, not about driving animals. ux|en|The beaters drove the brambles, causing a great rush of rabbits and other creatures.

: ux|en|You drive nails into wood with a hammer.

: ux|en|The pistons drive the crankshaft.

: ux|en|drive a car

: ux|en|What drives a person to run a marathon?

: ux|en|Their debts finally drove them to sell the business.

: ux|en|This constant complaining is going to drive me to insanity.   You are driving me crazy!

: ux|en|I drive to work every day.

: ux|en|My wife drove me to the airport.

*: Fierce Boreas drove against his flying sails.

*: under cover of the night and a driving tempest

*: Time driveth onward fast, / And in a little while our lips are dumb.

*: enough to drive one mad

*: He, driven to dismount, threatened, if I did not do the like, to do as much for my horse as fortune had done for his.

*: The trade of life can not be driven without partners.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

*: to drive the country, force the swains away

: rfquotek|Tomlinson

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