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*: In laws, that which is natural bindeth universally; that which is positive, not so.

*: Positive words, that he would not bear arms against King Edward’s son.

*: I’m absolutely positive youve spelt that wrong.

*: a positive voice in legislation.

*: Some positive, persisting fops we know, That, if once wrong, will needs be always so.

*: Positive good.

*: A [[cation]] is a positive ion as it has more protons than electrons.

*: ‘Better’ is an irregular comparative of the positive form ‘good’.

*: The idea of beauty is not positive, but depends on the different tastes of individuals.

*: The box was not empty – I felt some positive substance within it.

*: The results of our experiment are positive.

*: A positive photograph can be developed from a photographic negative.

*: The first-night reviews were largely positive.

*: Good lord, youve built up a positive arsenal of weaponry here.

*: He has a positive outlook on life.

*: 2009, Christopher Johns, Becoming a Reflective Practitioner, John Wiley & Sons, [

*: Negative feelings can be worked through and their energy converted into positive energy... In crisis, normal patterns of self-organization fail, resulting in anxiety (negative energy). Being open systems, people can exchange this energy with the environment and create positive energy for taking action...

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*: She was empassiond at that piteous act, / With zelous enuy of Greekes cruell fact, / Against that nation [...].

: ux|en|He had become an accessory after the fact.

: ux|en|In this story, the Gettysburg Address is a fact, but the rest is fiction.

: Gravity is a fact, not a theory.

: ux|en|The promise of television became a fact in the 1920s.

: ux|en|Lets look at the facts of the case before deciding.

: ux|en|There is no doubting the fact that the Earth orbits the Sun.

: ux|en|The facts about space travel.

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