buddy, acquaintance, friend


: They have been buddies since they were in school.

: drinking buddies

: Hey, buddy, I think you dropped this.

: I know of the man; but have no acquaintance with him.

*: Contract no friend?hip, or even acquaintance, with a guileful man : he re?embles a coal, which when hot burneth the hand, and when cold blacketh it.

*: Montgomery was an old [[acquaintance]] of Ferguson.

: ux|en|John and I have been friends ever since we were roommates at college.   Trust is important between friends.   I used to find it hard to make friends when I was shy.

: ux|en|The Automobile Association is every motorists friend.   The police is every law-abiding citizens friend.

: ux|en|a friend of a friend;  I added him as a friend on Facebook, but I hardly know him.

: ux|en|I’m not a friend of cheap wine.

: ux|en|Wiktionary is your friend.

: ux|en|You’d better watch it, friend.

*: But dont take the following sections as an endorsement of friends. Top C++ programmers avoid using friends unless absolutely necessary.

*: In that case, the function neednt (and shouldnt) be a friend.

*: To make a function be a friend to a class, the reserved word friend precedes the function prototype...

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Lo sluggish Knight the victors happie pray: / So fortune friends the bold [...].

*: The difference between responses to the statement, "If someone friends me, I will friend them," and "If I friend someone, I expect them to friend me back," is telling.

*: One of the most used features of MySpace is the practice that is nicknamed "friending." If you "friend" someone, then that person is added to your MySpace friends list, and you are added to their friends list.

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