glum, grave, serious, staid, sober, sombre, severe, gross, heavy


: rfquotek|Hawes

: rfquotek|Skelton

*: I frighten people by my glum face.

*: He had lain in the grave four days.

*: They reached the cemetery. The men went right down to a place in the grass where a grave was dug. They ranged themselves all round; and while the priest spoke, the red soil thrown up at the sides kept noiselessly slipping down at the corners.

*: He hath graven and digged up a pit.

*: Thou shalt take two [[onyx]] stones, and grave on them the names of the children of Israel.

*: This be the verse you grave for me / "Here he lies where he longs to be"

*: With gold men may the hearte grave.

*: O! may they graven in thy heart remain.

*: Lie full low, graved in the hollow ground.

*: An illiterate fool sits in a mans seat; and the common people hold him learned, grave, and wise.

*: The thicker the cord or string, the more grave is the note or tone.

: It was a surprise to see the captain, who had always seemed so serious, laugh so heartily.

: This is a serious problem. Well need our best experts.

: After all these years, were finally getting serious attention.

*: He wondered what had become of the boys who were his companions: they were nearly thirty now; some would be dead, but others were married and had children; they were soldiers and parsons, doctors, lawyers; they were staid men who were beginning to put youth behind them.

*: a godly, righteous, and sober life, to the glory of Thy holy name

*: No sober man would put himself into danger for the applause of escaping without breaking his neck.

*: Which is the finest and soberest state possible.

*: Twilight grey / Had in her sober livery all things clad.

*: What parts gay France from sober Spain?

*: See her sober over a sampler, or gay over a jointed baby.

*: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, / And drinking largely sobers us again.

: It took him hours to sober up.

*: The dinner was silent and sombre; happily it was also short.

: a sombre situation

*: But man to know God is a difficulty, except by a mean he himself inure, which is to know God’s creatures that be: at first them that be of the grossest nature, and then [...] them that be more pure.

*: He collected a number of injuries that stopped him jousting, and then in middle age became stout, eventually gross.

: ux|en|a gross mistake;  gross injustice;  gross negligence

: ux|en|[[w:Gross domestic product|gross domestic product]]

*: Tell her of things that no gross ear can hear.

: The movie grossed three million on the first weekend.

: heavy yokes, expenses, undertakings, trials, news, etc.

*: The hand of the Lord was heavy upon them of Ashdod.

*: The king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make.

*: Sent hither to impart the heavy news.

: ux|en|This film is heavy.

: ux|en|The Moody Blues are, like, heavy.

: ux|en|Come heavy, or not at all.

: ux|en|Metal is heavier than swing.

: ux|en|He was a heavy sleeper, a heavy eater and a heavy smoker - certainly not an ideal husband.

: ux|en|Cheese-stuffed sausage is too heavy to eat before exercising.

*: The surf was not heavy, and there was no undertow, so we made shore easily, effecting an equally easy landing.

: ux|en|it was a heavy storm;  a heavy slumber in bed;  a heavy punch

: ux|en|his eyes were heavy with sleep;  she was heavy with child

*: The heavy [sorrowing] nobles all in council were.

*: A light wife doth make a heavy husband.

*: Seating himselfe within a darkesome cave, / (Such places heavy Saturnists doe crave,) / Where yet the gladsome day was never seene ...

: a heavy gait, looks, manners, style, etc.

: a heavy writer or book

*: whilst the heavy ploughman snores

*: a heavy, dull, degenerate mind

*: Neither [is] his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.

: a heavy road; a heavy soil

: heavy bread

: heavy laden with their sins

: With his wrinkled, uneven face, the actor always seemed to play the heavy in films.

: A fight started outside the bar but the heavies came out and stopped it.

: The term heavy normally follows the call-sign when used by air traffic controllers.

: The union was well known for the methods it used to heavy many businesses.

*: ...the Prime Minister sought to evade the simple fact that he heavied Mr Reid to get rid of Dr Armstrong.

*: But he is on the wrong horse, heavying me. My phone?s tapped. Well, he won?t find anything.

*: But the next two days of the Conference also produced some very visible lobbying for the succession and apparent heavying of contenders like Brereton, Anderson and Mulock - much of it caught on television.

: a heavy horse

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