pass out, graduate, ripen


: I pass out at the sight of blood.

: I passed out on the train after drinking a bottle of vodka.

: Well pass out copies of the agenda.

*: He wasnt allowed to finish his training to go to France; but was sent to England on a Physical Training Course and passed out First Class.

: If the government wants graduates to stay in the country they should offer more incentives.

: The man graduated in 1967.

: Trisha graduated from college.

: Trisha graduated college.

: Indiana University graduated the student.

: The college graduated him as soon as he was no longer eligible to play under NCAA rules.

: sandstone which graduates into gneiss; carnelian sometimes graduates into quartz

: to graduate the heat of an oven

*: Dyers advance and graduate their colours with salts.

: Grapes ripen in the sun.

*: ...the desert soil of the Great Basin is as rich in the elements that in rainy regions rise and ripen into food as that of any other State in the Union.

: When faith and love, which parted from thee never, Had ripined thy iust soul to dwell with God. --Milton.

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