legacy, stale, dead, out of date, obsolete, superannuated, outdated


: [[w:John Muir|John Muir]] left as his legacy an enduring spirit of respect for the environment.

: Because she was a legacy, her mothers [[sorority]] [[rushed]] her.

: They expect it to take years to process and import all the legacy data.

: A legacy number or legacy identifier means a number no longer in use (for a document, for example)."

*: [[be|Bi]] forn [[the|þe]] king [[abench|abenche]] Red [[wine|win]] to schenche And after [[meat|mete]] stale [[both|Boþe]] [[wine|win]] and [[ale]].

*: [[nutmeg|Notemuge]] to putte in [[ale]], Whether it be [[moist|moyste]] or stale

*: Stale as breed or drinke is, rassis. Stale as meate is that begynneth to savoure, viel.

*: New freshe blood to ouersprinkle their stale [[meat|mete]] that it may [[seem|seme]]...newly kylled.

*: Better it new or stale, A harmelesse lie, than a harmefull true tale.

*: [[doest|Doist]] thou smyle to reade this stale and beggarlye stuffe.

*: How wary, stale, flat, and vnprofitable Seeme to me all the vses of this world?

*: A two-days-old newspaper. You resent the stale thing as an affront.

*: Rosimunda...hathe an vncle a stale batcheler.

*: In barren Women, and stale Maids, Tapping should be very cautiously undertaken.

*: Lime would do very little or no good on stale ploughed lands.

: a stale affidavit

: a stale demand

*: The jury will rarely give credit to a stale complaint.

*: By this means the [horses] legs are not made more stale than necessary.

*: Dame Agnes will probably be stale after her exertions in the Derby.

*: Stale cheque,...a cheque which has remained unpaid for some considerable time.

*: I went to Riggss [[batty]]-cake shop, and asked em for a [[penneth]] of the cheapest and nicest stales, that were all but blue-[[mouldy]], but not quite.

*: Frayed-looking sweet-cakes...bought as ‘stales’ from the baker.

*: Stalyn, or make stale drynke, defeco.

*: A stock of old porter should be kept, sufficient for staling the consumption of twelve months.

*: [[Ill|Ile]] goe tell all the Argument of his Play aforehand, and so stale his Inuention to the Auditory before it come foorth.

*: Not content To stale himselfe in all societies, He makes my house as common as a Mart.

*: Age cannot wither her, nor custome stale Her infinite variety.

*: Pictures and statues have been staled by copy and description.

*: They have got so much of [[Christ]] as to be staled of his company.

*: Philanthropy was beginning to stale.

*: The Drink from that Time flattens and stales.

*: Ansae et ansulae alicuius rei sunt illa eminentia in illa re per quam capi possit .i. ‘stale’.

*: And lerede men a ladel bygge with a long stale.

*: In Case your Cask is a Butt,...have ready boiling...Water, which put in, and, with a long Stale and a little Birch fastened to its End, scrub the Bottom.

*: You came to me with the axe head in one hand and the stale in the other.

*: Scheome. and pine...beoð þe two [[ladder|leddre]] stalen. þet beoð upriht to þe heouene. and bitweonen þeos stalen beoð þe tindes i-vestned of alle gode þeauwes. [[by|bi]] [[which|hwuche]] [[I|me]] [[climbed|climbeð]] to [[the|þe blisse]] of [[heaven|heouene]].

*: [[this|Þis]] ilke [[ladder|laddre]] is [[charity|charite]], [[the|Þe]] stales gode þeawis.

*: Stales, the staves, or risings of a ladder, or the staves of a rack in a stable.

*: The [[surgeons|Surgians]] cut [[off|of]] the stale of that shaft in suche wise, that they moued not the heade that was [[within|wythin]] the fleshe.

*: ...seeing tharrowes stale without.

*: For stalyng of the ladders of the Churche [[twenty|xx]] [[old penny|d]].

*: And at pavelen...[[the|þe]] [[earl|Erle]] of [[Dorset|Dorzet]] [[held|helde]] [[his|is]] stale, and [[there|þer]] he [[took|toke]] prisoners.

*: And [[sir|syr]] Florence with his [[hundred|C]] [[knights|knyghtes]] [[always|alwey]] [[kept]]e the stale and foughte manly.

*: ‘Off mate?’ quod sche...‘thou has fundin stale This mony day’.

*: They stand at a stay; Like a Stale at Chesse, where it is no Mate, but yet the Game cannot stirre.

*: And he in stale howyd al stil.

*: It is a stelling place and sovir harbry, Quhar ost in staill or embuschment may [[lie|ly]].

*: The [[earl|erle]] of Essex...with [[two|.ii.]] [[hundred|C]]. speares was layde in a stale, if the Frenchmen had come [[nearer|neerer]].

*: [Every time that it shall be ordered..that armed men..shall land on the enemys coast to seek victuals... then there shall be ordained a sufficient ‘stale’ of armed men and archers who shall wait together on the land until the ‘forreiours’ return to them].

*: [Gawayne] sterttes owtte to hys stede, and with his stale wendes.

*: The staill [[passed|past]] [[through|throw]] the [[wood|wod]] with [[such|sic]] [[noise|noyis]]...[[that|yat]] all the [[beasts|bestis]] [[were|wer]] [[raised|rasit]] [[from|fra]] [[their|thair]] [[dens|dennys]].

*: The Lard of Drunlanrig lying [[all|al]] [[this|thys]] while in ambush...forbare to breake out to [[give|gyue]] anye charge [[upon|vppon]] his enimies, doubting least the Earle of Lennox hadde kept a stale [[behind|behynde]].

*: Neveryeles I knaw asweill by Englisemen as Scottishmen that their stale was no les then thre thowsand men.

*: Then drawith he & is stale.

*: He shall stale [[the|þe]] black kyng in the pointe þer the crosse standith.

*: In China, however, a player who stales his opponents King, wins the game.

*: For [[under|vnder]] cuire I got sik check, that I [[might|micht]] neither muife nor neck, [[but|bot]] [[either|ather]] stale or [[mate|mait]].

*: In werd ben men & women...þat þer stale mown not holde.

*: ...That they be not compelled to eate their owne [[dung|donge]], and drinke their owne stale with you?

*: The stale of [[camel|Camel]]s and good for them that have the [[dropsy|dropsie]].

*: Or [[annoint]] [[thyself|thy selfe]] with the stale of a mule.

*: Those of Crotta being hardly besieged by Metellus, were reduced to so hard a pinch, and strait necessitie of all manner of other beverage, that they were forced to drinke the stale or urine of their horses.

*: Thou didst drinke The stale of Horses.

*: Mice and Weasels by their poysonous Stale infect the Trees so, that they produce Worms.

*: Sheep, whose Dung and Stale is of most Virtue in the Nourishment of all Trees.

*: Gif ony stal in the yet of the gilde...he [[shall|sall]] [[give|gif]] [[four|iiij]][[old penny|d]]. to the mendis.

*: Tary a whyle, your hors wyll staale.

*: Why a pox o your boxe, once againe: let your little wife stale in it, and she will.

*: I wonder [the knights son] doth not go on all four too, and hold up his Leg when he stales.

*: Cattle-dung where fuel failed; Water where the mules had staled; And sackcloth for their raiment.

*: You stale like a mare
And fart as you stale

*: A mile or two before we got to the meet he stopped at an inn, where he put our horses into the stable for twenty minutes, ‘to give them a chance to stale’.

*: Stale, of [[fowling|fowlynge]] or byrdys takynge, stacionaria.

*: Like vnto the fowlers, that by their stales draw other birdes into their nets.

*: A wife thats more then faire is like a stale, Or chanting whistle which brings birds to thrall.

*: She ran in all the [[haste|hast]]
[[unbraced|Vnbrased]] and [[unlaced|vnlast]]...
It was a stale to take
the [[devil|deuyll]] in a brake.

*: The [[Britons|Britaynes]] woulde oftentimes...lay their [[cattle|Cattell]] places [[convenient|conueniente]], to bee as a stale to the [[Romans|Romaynes]], and when the Romaynes shoulde make to them to fetche the same away,...they would fall vpon them.

*: Her daughter Margerit was the stale to lure...them that otherwise flewe hyghe...and could not be gotten.

*: ...many of the [[coffeemen|Coffamen]] keeping beaytifull boyes, who ?erue as ?tales to procure them cu?tomers.

*: Six-pence or a shilling to put into the [[poor box|Box]], for a stale to decoy in the rest of the Parish.

*: Their mynisters, be false [[brethren|bretherne]] or false [[sistren|sustern]], stales of the [[devil|deuyll]].

*: This is Captain Whibble, the Towne stale, For all cheating imployments.

*: I perceiue Lucilla (sayd he) that I was made thy stale, and Philautus thy [[laughing stock|laughinge stocke]].

*: Was I then chose and wedded for his stale?

*: Did I for this [[lose|loose]] all my be made A stale to a common whore?

*: But, too vnruly Deere, he breakes the [[pale]] And feedes from home; poore I am but his stale.

*: This comes of [[rutting]]: Are we made stales to one another?

*: That of the two nominated, one should be an unfit Man, and as it were a Stale, to bring the Office to the other.

*: Had he none else to make a stale but me?

*: Eurydice...meaning nothing lesse than to let her husband serue as a Stale, keeping the throne warme till another were growne old enough to sit in it.

*: A pretence of kindness is the universal stale to all base projects.

*: Spare not to tell him, that he hath wronged his honor in marrying the renowned a contaminated stale.

*: But to be [[left|leaft]] for such a one as she, The stale of all, what will folke thinke of me?

*: ...detesting as he said the insatiable impudency of a prostitute Stale.

*: Tis the living bird that makes the best stale to draw others into the net.

*: If my live birds arent all drownded and my stales spoiled.

*: The eye...Doth serue to stale her here and there where she doth come and go.

: ux|en|All of my grandparents are dead.

: ux|en|He is dead to me.

: I will think of you as dead, until my husband makes you that way. Then I will think of you no longer. - Mary, [[w:Rob Roy (1995 film)|Rob Roy]]

: ux|en|She stood with dead face and limp arms, unresponsive to my plea.

: ux|en|the dead load on the floor

: ux|en|a dead lift.

: ux|en|dead air

: ux|en|a dead glass of soda.

: ux|en|dead time

: ux|en|dead fields

: ux|en|OK, the circuits dead. Go ahead and cut the wire.

: ux|en|Now that the motors dead you can reach in and extract the spark plugs.

: ux|en|That monitor is dead; don’t bother hooking it up.

: ux|en|There are several dead laws still on the books regulating where horses may be hitched.

: ux|en|Is this beer glass dead?

: ux|en|Once the ball crosses the foul line, its dead.

: ux|en|dead stop

: ux|en|dead sleep

: ux|en|dead giveaway

: ux|en|dead silence

: ux|en|dead center

: ux|en|dead aim

: ux|en|a dead eye

: ux|en|a dead level

: After sitting on my hands for a while, my arms became dead.

: ux|en|"You come back here this instant! Oh, when I get my hands on you, youre dead, mister!"

: ux|en|a dead floor

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: ux|en|A person who is banished or who becomes a monk is civilly dead.

: ux|en|the dead spindle of a lathe

: dead right; dead level; dead flat; dead straight; dead left

: He hit the target dead in the centre.

: dead wrong; dead set; dead serious; dead drunk; dead broke; dead earnest; dead certain; dead slow; dead sure; dead simple; dead honest; dead accurate; dead easy; dead scared; dead solid; dead black; dead white; dead empty;

: dead tired; dead quiet; dead asleep; dead pale; dead cold; dead still

*: I was tired of reading, and dead sleepy.

: The dead of night. The dead of winter.

: Have respect for the dead.

*: "I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead [????????] in vain." Galatians 2:21, King James Version (1611).

*: “What a man should do, when finds his natural impotency dead him in spiritual works”

*: Heavens stern decree, / With many an ill, hath numbed and deaded me.

*: This dude at the club was trying to kill us so I deaded him, and then I had to collect from Spice.

*: “What, you was just gonna dead him because if thats the case then why the fuck we getting the money?” Sha asked annoyed.

: My bus pass is out of date - Ill have to go buy a new one.

: I cant eat this salad, its out of date.

: The dresses she wears are quite out of date.

: ux|en|It is speculated that, within a few years, the Internets speedy delivery of news worldwide will make newspapers obsolete.

: This software component has been obsoleted.

: We are in the process of obsoleting this product.

*: Your correspondent has a handful of superannuated computers lying around the home. The sprightliest of the bunch—a 400-megahertz Pentium II that came loaded with Windows NT4.0—has found a new lease on life as a Linux server.

*: To call the sexual politics of Ladette to Lady old-fashioned is an understatement. Its a horrifying revival of superannuated attitudes about women dressed up as an educational excursion into young womanhood that exploits its subjects by loading them up on alcohol when the cameras are rolling.

*: Files written fifteen or twenty years ago on superannuated computers and obsolete operating systems are for practical purposes irretrievable.

*: The 158 was a delicate and not especially sure-handling device, but by now its engine had been modified to produce 250 horsepower, which gave it a decisive speed advantage over the superannuated old clunkers that were predominately arranged against it.

: His outdated word processing software could not read the files I sent.

: Your version of the document is outdated.

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