wealthy, affluent, well off, well-to-do, well-heeled


*: The affluents are most similar to the professional want-it-alls in their reasons for preferring specific hospitals and in their demographic characteristics.

*: language...affluent in expression

*: affluent blood

*: While Kate Roberts came from a poor background and, later in life, in the post-Second World War period suffered from severe money shortages, in the early 1930s, she and her husband must have counted themselves relatively well off, particularly in comparison with their neighbours in Tonypandy.

: ux|en|He is very well off as a result of his illegal money-making activities.

: ux|en|The house was well off for spectacular views over the surrounding countryside.

: ux|en|Some philosophers aver that the well-to-do should be taxed at a higher rate than poorer people.

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