attendant, guard, keeper, guardian, sentinel, watchman


: Give your keys to the parking attendants and they will park your car for you.

: They promoted him to supervisor, with all the attendant responsibilities and privileges.

*: The natural melancholy attendant upon his situation added to the gloom of the owner of the mansion.

: the widow attendant to the heir

: rfquotek|Cowell

: ux|en|The prison guard unlocked the door of the cell.   After completing the repairs, he replaced the sump guard.

: ux|en|The president inspected the guard of honour.

: ux|en|The motorcycle mechanic removed the damaged chain guard.

*: For Heaven still guards the right.

: Guard the prisoner.

: Careful people guard against mistakes.

*: The body of your discourse is sometime guarded with fragments, and the guards are but slightly basted on neither.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: Finders keepers; losers weepers.

: You can throw out all the blurry photos, but the one with her and her daughter is certainly a keeper.

*: When he brought me home and volunteered to come with me while I walked my dog, Max, I knew he was a keeper.

*: We hadnt dated for long when he said those three magic words: "Ill cook tonight." I knew he was a keeper.

*: "Fine," I agreed. “But, Josh, my sister and I can handle it. You sit, watch football with the guys.”

*: “I would rather stick close to you. Besides, I love cleaning up.”

*: “I knew he was a keeper,” Gran said.

*: And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brothers keeper?

*: discreet; chaste; keepers at home

*: I was not altogether surprised: they seemed to be, even more than people in the surrounding wolds, stolid keepers-to-themselves, impossible to stir, dourly determined to stick to the firm routine of their lives...

*: The Roxbury Russet is a good keeper.

*: Secret weak points of bosses/guardians.

*: if you tell me how to find the secret door in level three, Ill tell you how to defeat the end of level guardian

*: They promised faithfully to bear their confinement with patience, and were very thankful that they had such good usage as to have provisions and light left them; for Friday gave them candles (such as we made ourselves) for their comfort; and they did not know but that he stood sentinel over them at the entrance.

*: the sentinels who paced the ramparts

: The <xmp> tag is a sentinel that suspends web-page processing and displays the subsequent text literally.

*: that princes do keep due sentinel

: He sentineled the north wall.

: He sentineled him on the north wall.

: He sentineled the north wall with just one man.

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