shudder, shake


: ux|en|The earthquake shook the building.

: ux|en|He shook the can of soda for thirty seconds before delivering it to me, so that, when I popped it open, soda went everywhere.

: ux|en|Shaking his head, he kept repeating "No, no, no".

: ux|en|to shake fruit down from a tree

*: Shake off the golden slumber of repose.

*: I could scarcely shake him out of my company.

: ux|en|her fathers death shook her terribly;  he was shaken by what had happened

: ux|en|I cant shake the feeling that I forgot something.

: ux|en|She shook with grief.

: ux|en|OK, lets shake on it.

: ux|en|She was shaking it on the dance floor.

: ux|en|to shake a note in music

: The cat gave the mouse a shake.

: rfquotek|Totten

: rfquotek|Knight

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