praise, glory, hallelujah, kudos, paean, rave, eulogy, laud, panegyric


*: Spread his glory through all countries wide.

*: Think it no glory to swell in tyranny.

*: Jewels lose their glory if neglected.

*: Glory to God in the highest.

*: in glory of thy fortunes

*: He says he glories in what happened, and that good may be done indirectly; but I wish he would not so wear himself out now he is getting old, and would leave such pigs to their wallowing.

: Hallelujah! It’s finally the weekend!

: ux|en|The talented, young playwright received much kudos for his new drama.

*: Maybe I wear baggies / And white socks with flip-flops / Maybe I dont like listening to rave / And Im not on the social mountaintops

*: Have I not cause to rave and beat my breast?

*: The mingled torrent of redcoats and tartans went raving down the valley to the gorge of Killiecrankie.

*: A production without design would resemble more the ravings of a madman, than the sober efforts of genius and learning.

: He raved about her beauty.

*: The hallowed scene / Which others rave on, though they know it not.

: rfquotek|Spenser

*: The Southampton striker, who also struck a post late on, was being serenaded by the Wembley crowd before the end and should probably brace himself for some Lambert-mania over the coming days but, amid the eulogies, it should not overlook the deficiencies that were evident in another stodgy England performance.

*: Laud be to God.

*: So do well and thou shalt have laud of the same.

*: And hys mought was opened immediatly, and hys tonge, and he spake lawdynge god.

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